Annie Troe: “Doodle Bug” Lover and Graphic Design Artist Brightens the World with her Licensed Art! 2

FreshAir-2-2016-ATAnnie tells us “Variety is the spice of life!” So it would seem:  Annie likes to create her art offline from the computer first, using ink, watercolor, or acrylic paint as the mood suites her.  After the act of creating with pen and paper, or brush and canvas, Annie takes it to the next level.  She wields her graphic design skills to create patterns with the art, and to turn out polished and professional product mock ups.  Her art benefits from the combination of traditional and computerized tools.  Annie is inspired in all her work by…”Stuff!”  What kind of stuff?  Again, variety is her answer.  “Flags, fabric, home decor , all of it.  It inspires me to think of being able to brighten the world with my art.  I am honored when a manufacturer wants to use my art to help sell their products.”

adg-at-bjly-b-0001Annie’s designs are playful, vibrant, informal and upbeat — like an unexpected afternoon spent chatting with a beloved friend.  Annie’s art can be found through Wayfair, Amazon, Walmart and independent retailers across the country.  It graces cards and notepads, seasonal figurines, flags, cutting boards, coffee mugs, pillows and other household items.  Annie says she feels honored when someone purchases a product with her art and hopes that it brightens their world.

And speaking of brightened worlds.  Annie’s world is far from dull.  She has a fondness for VW bugs.  Her first one was a red VW bug that her daughter has adopted.  Named “Doodle Bug,” it is the predecessor of two more adorable bugs, “Daisy Doodle Bug” and “Doug, the Doodle Bug.”  At one point her house was recognizable as the one with the two boldly colored bugs parked out front.  Red and yellow respectively, they were impossible not to notice.  “Our cars were like Ketchup and Mustard!”

barnyardroostersriseshine36x24With all that fun and color even in her transportation, it’s no wonder Annie’s designs are bursting with such cheer!annietroe-bothvwfull-nobkg-small




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