Brand – Velvet Lime Girls

“The smallest seed of faith sprouts the impossible” and in the late summer of 2007, a small seed of faith sprouted a dream in the hearts of three women. A mother, a daughter and an “adopted daughter/friend” who worked together at an architectural design/build company began to dream of creating artwork that would encourage and inspire. Marybeth Wydock, a graphic designer, Rebecca Rhodes Ladikos, an interior designer and Laura Rhodes, co-owner of the architectural design/build company eventually formed a partnership to develop this dream.

Armed with this certainty … that their artwork would encourage and inspire, the Velvet Lime Girls took their gifts and talents and began to develop art collections. Marybeth Wydock, the graphic artist, quickly emerged as the main creative artist and art director, Rebecca Ladikos, the interior designer, brought great insight in color selections, trends and subject matter and Laura Rhodes served as “inspiration director” … helping create ideas and sentiments that were brought to life by Marybeth through original artwork.