Carla Schauer: Craft and Hobby Expert Turned Digital Designer Extraordinaire!


One of ADG’s most versatile design artists, Carla Schauer first earned credibility and distinction in the craft and hobby industry.  As she worked, though, she found herself yearning for designs others weren’t producing.  Unwilling to settle for second best, she set about learning new software and tools to make the kinds of art she craved. Set free by her own determination, Carla now creates bright florals, strong geometrics and other patterns she (and others!) love.  She uses clean, bold lines with rich color to produce attractive work in a wide range of styles.

Carla describes her work with passion.  She says, “I can get lost in Illustrator and Photoshop for hours, designing and digitally painting pieces. The digital work appeals to my perfectionist left brain. I also love to explore with acrylic paints, creating textures and mixing colors to use in collage art. My right brain stays happy with the smoosh and spatter of real paint, and keeps my left brain from getting too bossy.”  We don’t know how Carla does it, but her two-brained process clearly works to all our benefit!

In addition to her successes with ADG, Carla has licensed designs with Clearsnap Ink and with Trim-a-Rim.  Another great triumph has been her recent release of “A Case of the Mondays,” an adult coloring book, now available on Amazon.  Not content to leave coloring for the perky and unicorn-loving souls of the world, Carla offers her quirky, non-motivational take on the coloring book craze, including apathetic phrases “for those days you wish you could have just stayed in bed.” We can’t wait to see what Carla will do next, and we bet we’d even be willing to get up on a Monday to see her next project.


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