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From boyhood, Michael remembers loving to paint and draw. His parents must have recognized something special in him even from an early age, as they gave him ample encouragement. With private art lessons and his own unique eye, Michael harnessed his childhood passion in a big way!

ADG is thrilled to have Michael’s contribution to the team! He brings with him a great deal of experience, especially his more than a quarter of a century working in the greeting card industry. Julie says he’s proven to be “one of the quickest studies when it comes to interpreting an art director’s needs.” Experience pays off! Michael is himself a Creative Director for a national greeting card company, where he has served in that capacity for more than ten years! Here at ADG Michael is known for his “out of the box” creative thinking in order to meet customer requests. Julie says, “he always seems to find a way to get what the customer needs in an effective and efficient way.” mike%27s office

Michael finds inspiration in other artists, especially the impressionists, citing Monet and Renoir as favorites. He also enjoys the works of Picasso and Chagall, and finds ongoing inspiration in nature. Fortunately for us, Michael has a ready muse. “I love the water and currently live ten minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen,” he tells us. “The constantly changing lighting from the sunrises and sunsets are awe inspiring.”

Fans may have seen Michael’s own line of boxed cards at Walgreens and other retailers, but not all of his work has been with cards. His paper designs have been sold at Walmart, and both Spencers and Amazon have sold his phenomenal posters. Michael’s designs have also been displayed at Marshal Fields and at Lord and Taylor. Most recently, Michael has been hard at work –or play?–immersed in Photoshop, writing and illustrating a children’s book from home.

Check out some of Michael’s work here… and stayed tuned for more, as Michael continues to put all that experience and creativity to good use!

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One thought on “Michael Shelton: The Artsy Youngster Who Went Professional

  • Marcia Wilmott

    Dear Michael,,
    I was surprised to see your box of Christmas
    greeting cards-“Holiday Ride”. In the snow scene
    is an older model of a 1941 Ford truck- painted
    red. I saw your cards on Amazon and actually
    purchased a box to give to residents here at
    Oceanview Assisted Living, Newport, Oregon.
    Perhaps our older resident would enjoy seeing your
    red truck and also the beautiful snow, which
    we rarely see here on the Oregon coast. The real
    bigger reason I bought the cards is because you painted my son’s 1941 red Ford pickup. He bought
    it to refurbish and make like new, which he completed.
    When I saw Eddie’s truck I wondered if he had sold
    his own drawing of it. But the Holiday Ride clearly states
    you are the artist that could send Eddie’s truck
    around the world through your artistic ability
    and your retail know how. To me you owned the
    truck in a vision, Eddie owns it in real. Together
    I saw it and was surprised. Am I right . It is a 1941 Ford Pickup? Sincerely,
    Marcia Wilmott
    around the world