We thank you for coming by to check us out.  We are always looking at new talented artists/designers that know how to respond to the current needs of the marketplace.  Art Licensing is a different endeavor than many artists are accustomed to.  It requires a specific type of artwork that can enhance the marketability of gift, stationery, fabric, pillows, bedding and any number of other products types.  Before submitting to Artistic Designs Group, please make sure you have reviewed the artist’s work on our website and more importantly, DO SOME WINDOW SHOPPING.  If you then feel your art would do well in this industry and are willing to work with us to build a portfolio that can be successfully licensed — then by all means reach out to us.

We prefer to see six to ten pieces of artwork upfront when reviewing an artist’s work.  Please send either a group of low resolution jpgs, or a pdf binder attached to an email  Send the email to [email protected].  You can also send a link to an online portfolio if you prefer.

Keep in mind, we may only perform a review every 4-6 weeks and we only select a few artists for further review each year.  We do try to respond within a reasonable time frame and prefer that you do not call directly unless we indicate we would like to review your work for consideration.

CURRENT STATUS OF ARTWORK REVIEW – We are not currently seeking new artists.  However, you can send in a review and it may be just what our customers are looking for.