Artist Spotlights

Julie Bluét: Color and Whimsy at every turn

One of Artistic Designs Group’s newest artists, Julie Bluét infuses her art with whimsical personality and bright pops of color galore.  She worked for many years as a traditional artist (yes, she touched paints, pens and the like–gasp!) and as a mixed media artist. About ten years ago she dove […]

Jennifer Parker: Creating today’s art from yesterday’s memories

Ephemera wizard and vintage paper product designer Jennifer Parker has been with Artisitc Designs Group for a couple of years, but her rich style and her successes had their seeds in childhood.  At age seven, her incredible journey began when she set out to make a special gift for her […]

Carla Schauer: Craft and Hobby Expert Turned Digital Designer Extraordinaire!

  One of ADG’s most versatile design artists, Carla Schauer first earned credibility and distinction in the craft and hobby industry.  As she worked, though, she found herself yearning for designs others weren’t producing.  Unwilling to settle for second best, she set about learning new software and tools to make […]